"I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything."

- John Steinbeck

David combines his photography with his love of animals and the outdoors, and is primarily known for his stunning portraits of horses and dogs. Drawing on years of experience and using camera technique, together with professional studio equipment and a keen eye for composition, he is able to produce photographs of exceptional quality. It is however his knowledge of, and passion for, both horses and dogs that allows him to create such unique images of outstanding beauty and drama.

Having spent many years around horses and dogs, David has the understanding, confidence and patience to work with his subjects at a level that brings the best out of them, and allows their character to be reflected in his photographs.

David uses only professional cameras, lenses and equipment for his photography and uses an iMac, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5 for the post-production work. Having the best equipment either side of taking the photograph means that he can produce consistently high quality results. Relying on photo labs trusted by archives and galleries to produce his printed and mounted work, he is able to ensure that the finished product hanging on your wall is something that not only he, but you'll be proud of.

Experience and training
David got his first camera at the age of ten, back in the days when 35mm was king, and the only real affordable alternatives were cassette loaded film or Polaroid cameras. He was immediately hooked, and what he lacked in the way of knowledge and technique was made up for in volume and enthusiasm! The shoe boxes full of old negatives and fading 6x4's are testament to this.

This was countered somewhat when he had the opportunity to study photography at his school, which was lucky enough to have its own darkroom. At the time, learning about f-stops, apertures, hyperfocal distances and circles of confusion was not what a teenager wanted to do, even one interested in photography. Experimenting and learning by taking photographs was much more appealing and, armed with a new 35mm camera, some black and white film and permission to wander the local area in school time, he did just that. He gained valuable knowledge and experience both in and out the classroom, which in today's modern digital world still stand him in good stead.

However, it was the advent of digital photography that was to be the catalyst which turned a hobby into a business. Buying his first digital camera in 2001 he spent more and more time on his photography, learning the new format and the technology that went with it. With the ability to review images at the point of capture, and the greatly reduced costs of printing, he spent much of his time practicing his technique and also trying the new and creative processes that digital photography allowed.

Professional photography training followed and today he has experience in a wide range of disciplines, from portraits and landscapes, to aerial imagery and weddings. In addition he has completed numerous Photoshop training courses, and has a level of knowledge and experience, that has allowed him to undertake Photoshop training for others.

Personal profile
David lives near Newmarket in Suffolk with his wife, who he has to share with an ex-racehorse called Harry. What spare time he has is spent enjoying walking, shooting and generally being outdoors, especially if there's a pub at the end of it. Most of these activities are shared with the other member of the family, a working cocker spaniel called Copper.